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Want to travel with your pet  ?

Smaller dogs and cats are accepted in the cabin by airlines and larger pets may be checked in the hold of the aircraft. Passengers travelling with pets must declare them the moment the reservation is being made, and must ensure that all travel documents and vaccinations are up to date. Each airline may have its own regulatory procedure, so you are advised to verify the exact requirements with the airline you are travelling with. We have provided you with the direct link of airline procedures for airlines operating from Caen airport for further information below :





Need to buy a special pet bag

The rules change on november 6th (2017) ; Please check and respect Air France or Hop recommandations !

In the cabin, your dog or cat must travel in a special closed bag that does not exceed 46 x 28 x 24 cm / 18 x 11 x 9.5 in, For your comfort on board, Air France require a flexible bag.

In the bagage hold, a travel container that does not exceed 46 x 28 x 20 cm / 18 x 11 x 7.5 in is possible.

 The bag must be well-ventilated and be big enough for your animal to stand up and turn around 

The bag must fit in the area underneath the seat in front of you

Under no circumstances may your animal leave its container during the flight

Only 1 animal is permitted per bag/container

Each passenger may travel with only 1 animal

Your pet's travel container is considered an additional baggage item and will incur a fee.

This type of bag can be purchased online.